Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Below are our brief, “plain English” thoughts about privacy with regard to our products and services:

  • Our web site is connected to Google Analytics, which automatically collects and aggregates some information about your browser, IP address, etc. We use this service to keep an eye on how much traffic we get. What Google does with this information is another question entirely.
  • Our iOS apps don’t automatically collect any information about you on our behalf (or for any third party) beyond any crash reporting you might enable.
  • If you create an account with the sync service we operate, you are supplying an email address connected to you that serves both as the unique ID for the account, and a means of communication with you. We don’t share this email address with third parties and we generally only contact you through that email address for administrative purposes, although we might send you a product-related announcement if it seems important enough to us. Moreover, with sync accounts:
    • We take what we believe are reasonable measures to protect your email address and your related account data, but make no guarantees or promises about it.
    • You should not assume that any information you input into the sync service is truly private and you should certainly not input anything personally sensitive.
    • In the course of using your sync service account, you will input information of your own, such as inventory data and composed notes, that will be transmitted to our servers and back. While we generally hold your sync data in private between you and us, we do aggregate aspects of your sync data for our own purposes, and we may share aggregate data with partners or the public. This aggregation is generally anonymous in nature (e.g., which recipes have the most likes?).
  • Our web sites use cookies. Woo hoo.

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