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The official recipe archive of the famed New York Bar
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PDT Cocktails is the database of the famed New York City bar’s cocktail recipes, including specs for the house creations and the fine-tuned classics that were served during the bar’s peak years (2007–2015).

★★★★ by Feeling Free, Nov 14, 2023
I have the book and this app is a great adjunct to it. If you like this app, I recommend the book, as well. Great photos in the [app], more info about the drinks and wonderful feel all around. App lets you put in your stock and then suggests ingredients that may allow you to make a cocktail when you don’t have the exact ingredient.

Master class

PDT Cocktails presents 400 meticuluously tested specifications, plus PDT’s house-made syrups, infusions, and more. Reference photos are included for all the drinks and ingredients. The app can be used independently or as a companion to The PDT Cocktail Book, which the app augments with newer creations, newly-relevant historic recipes, and numerous revisions to earlier recipes based on ongoing experimentation by Jim Meehan.

book jacket for Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book

Easy-to-use power

Search by name or ingredient just like in your address book. Surf through recipes and ingredients by tapping hyperlinks.

More surgical questions are just a few taps away: filter all the recipes by any combination of ingredients and keywords.

Ingredient aware

Our drink recipe apps have the smartest ingredient system. Simply check off what you have and the app will tell you which drinks you can make, including legit substitions.

★★★★★ by Cyberfit, Jan 21, 2021
- Perfekt balans på recepten [Perfect balance on the recipes]
- Tydliga instruktioner [Clear instructions]
- Bra sprittips [Good liquor tips]
- Bra urval av cocktails [Good selection of cocktails]

Simple tools of great utility

Flag recipes you want to try, populate your favorites list, create a new list for planning the drinks for your next party. Add your own notes to any recipe.

Part of a talented family

PDT Cocktails inter-operates with its seven sibling recipes apps that you can add at any time.

Set up your free sync account and all these apps can share your ingredient inventory, lists and journal notes. In the same manner, you can have Total Tiki on both your iPhone and iPad, and they’ll stay in sync. You can even access your sync data with a web browser.

PDT Cocktails for iPhone/iPad costs US$9.99 and can be purchased on the App Store

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