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Total TikiTotal Tiki OnlineTotal Tiki Online (with 199 private recipes)Enterprise
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PricingUS$12.99 (one-time purchase)US$3/mo (quarterly) or $30/yearUS$6/mo (quarterly) or $60/yearstarts around US$400/mo
Beachbum Berry’s master library of tropical drink recipes
Over 250 curated, authoritative historical drink recipes from Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic, and many others, with more to come
Over 60 delicious contemporary exotic drink recipes carefully selected from the “tiki revival” that began around the year 2000, with more to come
Rare period and contemporary imagery from Beachbum Berry’s collection, with a lot more to come✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)
Rich data features
Keywords✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)
Compound search✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)
Recipe analytics (abv, acidity, sweetness, flavor cloud, etc.)
Comprehensive ingredient databaserelevant subset✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)
Ingredient inventories1555
Ingredient lists
Recipe lists✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)✓ (enhanced)
Recipe rescaling
Enter your own serving vessels
Recipe costing
Quantity calculations/party planner
Journal (notes, likes, dislikes)
Sync across Mixologytech iOS appssync with Total Tiki onlysync with Total Tiki onlysync with Total Tiki only
Multiuser accounts
Private recipes
Enter your own private recipes
Private recipes allowancen/a5199unlimited
Custom recipe publishing solution