Shaken & Stirred

Easy Craft Cocktails To Make At Home
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Shaken and Stirred is a carefully curated collection of nearly 200 easy, essential, delicious craft cocktails to make at home.

Each recipe links to a YouTube tutorial video from Robert Hess and Small Screen and you can input your ingredient inventory and the app will show you which drinks you can make!

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★★★★★ by Centex Guru, Aug 2, 2017
Though I've made numerous drinks and cocktails over the decades, I never went much beyond a few comfortable favorites, that is, unless I was sitting at a competent bar somewhere and could order something outside of my comfort zone! Along with "The Bar Book" (Kindle version) by J. Morgenthaler, plus this app, I feel I've received a fairly inexpensive, but surprisingly thorough, mixology starter course -- that is, inexpensive if you don't count the liquor store bill! Features such as the ability to track your available ingredients (including across their various apps via an included sync service), making journal entries (notes), and knowing what drinks you can build given your current inventory (or with one or two more ingredients) made the cost of this app a non-issue for me. Basically what one craft cocktail might cost you at a decent venue. Last but not least, the built-in videos are a great aid for newbies (and for not-so newbies). Bottom line: I really appreciate having this app available, such that I've already purchased another of their companion apps (Total Tiki). Good stuff!

Fundamentally delicious

This is an ideal cocktail app for absolute beginners. However, it’s awfully handy for experienced drink-mixers, too: while our other acclaimed recipe apps delve deeply into particular mixological themes, this one places a cross-section of popular, simple, proven recipes close at hand for quick reference.

Easy-to-use power

Search by name or ingredient just like in your address book. Surf through recipes and ingredients by tapping hyperlinks.

More surgical questions are just a few taps away: filter all the recipes by any combination of ingredients and keywords.

Ingredient aware

Our drink recipe apps have the smartest ingredient system. Simply check off what you have and the app will tell you which drinks you can make, including legit substitions.

★★★★★ by RoyWagner, Jun 18, 2018
If you are seriously, or even casually, interested in making good cocktails, any or all the cocktail apps from Martin Doudoroff are well worth getting. They all share information, including the ingredients you have, between the apps. As a mixologist, I have tried many cocktail apps. Martin’s are the best. The user interface is excellent. The notes included from many of the great mixologists are very informative. The apps are all based on the leading mixology books and text material. The Robert Hess videos, included in this app, are what got me started in my passion for mixology. Try one, add more. Enjoy and cheers!

Simple tools of great utility

Flag recipes you want to try, populate your favorites list, create a new list for planning the drinks for your next party. Add your own notes to any recipe.

Part of a talented family

Shaken & Stirred inter-operates with its seven sibling recipes apps that you can add at any time.

Set up your free sync account and all these apps can share your ingredient inventory, lists and journal notes. In the same manner, you can have Total Tiki on both your iPhone and iPad, and they’ll stay in sync. You can even access your sync data with a web browser.

Shaken & Stirred for iPhone/iPad costs US$14 and can be purchased on the App Store

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