“Will there be an Android version?”

Note: If you’re an Android user and you’re interested in tropical drinks, please see our Total Tiki Online web service.

We have no plans to offer Android versions of our drink apps for iPhone & iPad.

We are aware that some enthusiastic demand exists for Android versions of these apps, and we are grateful for your interest. We’ve researched both the marketplace and the cost of porting and supporting our products for Android devices. Unfortunately, at this time, it’s unlikely we could recoup those costs in a timely manner, if ever. We will continue to monitor the situation and we’re keeping our options open.

If this surprises you, keep in mind that cocktail apps, despite the popularity of cocktails, are niche products. They will never sell in the millions of units, and even hundreds of thousands of sales is out of reach for most. Meanwhile, app development is quite expensive and the downward price pressure is absolutely crushing; as it is, our $10 products are generally perceived as expensive, so we cannot simply raise our prices to a more sustainable level. In the end, it’s just arithmetic.

Questions? Please email info@mixologytech.com.