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Total Tiki Online is a premium web-based subscription service (roughly US$3/mo, depending on options) that takes everything great about our popular Total Tiki app for iPhone and iPad (below) to the next level, and adds content and functionality beyond the scope of a mere mobile app, while supporting web browsers of all platforms.

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Our Apps for iPhone & iPad

MixologyTech offers a unique suite of mixed drink recipe apps for iPhone and iPad. Each app addresses a theme in mixology, and features the highest quality content under expert curation.

Shaken and Stirred (US$9.99) presents nearly 200 easy, delicious craft cocktails to make at home. Each recipe is accompanied by a tutorial video from Small Screen Network. The only reference many people will need.
Difficulty level: Perfect for beginners, ever so handy for everyone else; easy recipes, minimal shopping. Learn more

Modern Classic Cocktails (US$9.99) is the first critical assessment of today’s cocktail renaissance including all the bona fide modern classics and a treasury of contenders, curated by journalist and author Robert Simonson. The contemporary drinks everyone wants.
Difficulty level: Nearly all recipes are easy; shopping requirements fairly modest. Learn more

The Martini Cocktail (US$9.99) is an exhuastive exploration of the king of cocktails (the Martini Cocktail) from its origins in the 19th Century to the present day. This is all gin, vodka, vermouth, and some closely-related drinks; no “chocolate martinis” or other such nonsense. Curated by journalist and author Robert Simonson. The ultimate app for the Martini-lover.
Difficulty level: All recipes are easy; shopping requirements minimal. Learn more

Martin’s Index of Cocktails (US$12.99) is the authorative reference to cocktails and mixed drinks from the first golden age of the American bar (1860s-1930s). The keys to the kingdom.
Difficulty level: Minimal shopping requirements and drinks are easy to make, but recipes are from another era and require some intuitive adjustment to taste on your part. Learn more

Wondrich’s Index of Punch (US$9.99) is the essential quick reference to punchbowl recipes from historian David Wondrich, author of Punch: The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl.
Difficulty level: Mostly straightforward recipes that are all pretty easy once you’ve got the first one under your belt. Will transform how you entertain. Learn more

Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki (US$12.99) is the definitive reference to exotic drinks and “tiki” cocktails from authority Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. The apotheosis of mixed drinks.
Difficulty level: Recipes are straightforward but tend to have lots of ingredients; some specialized shopping required. Learn more

PDT Cocktails (US$9.99) is the official recipe archive of the famed, James Beard Award-winning New York bar. Faithfully recreate virtually every fine-tuned drink ever served at PDT. A master class in cocktail craft.
Difficulty level: Recipes are straightforward and precise, but the shopping can be daunting and some recipes require advance preparations. Learn more

gaz regan’s 101 Best New Cocktails (US$9.99) is an almanac of hundreds of new drinks from all over the world, spanning the years 2011-2015, compiled by gaz regan, exposing trends, new flavors and innovative ingredients; new drinks added every week or so. Inspiring.
Difficulty level: Recipes vary wildly from trivial to involved; shopping can be daunting and some recipes require advance preparation. Learn more

We’ve prepared an in-depth video about how these apps work, and how they work together:

How to set up sync

In short, each app:

  • enables you to check off the ingredients you have and find drinks you can make with them
  • provides a “journal” in which you can enter notes or annotations about recipes, and record “likes” and “dislikes”
  • maintains lists for you of favorite and “flagged” recipes, and also lets you create custom lists for whatever purpose, such as planning a drink menu for a party

Our free “cloud sync” service helps unify all the above across both your devices and across the apps, so they all work together for you:

How to set up sync

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Legacy Apps

Some of our discontinued apps remain in popular use. You can learn about them here: