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The definitive reference for classic and contemporary exotic mixed drinks on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Over 270 top notch drink recipes researched and curated by exotic drink historian Jeff “Beachbum” Berry (full list of included recipes by name)
  • Authoritative recipes for the Zombie, Mai Tai, Painkiller, and Scorpion
  • Scores of less-known, brilliant concoctions of the 1940s, -50s, -60s and -70s
  • Dozens of delicious, contemporary formulations that point the way to the future
  • See the drinks you can make based on the ingredients you have on hand
  • Filter recipes by one or more criteria

Questions? Don’t hestitate to ask:

“Scrupulously researched and beautifully designed, this is a must for anyone with a serious passion on down to those with a simple passing interest in the history, culture and the crafting of tiki drinks.” —Chantel4

“If you would spent 10 dollars on a Mai Tai you owe it to yourself to buy this app. A must have for anybody who loves rum, good times, and the history of both.” —Hadi Ktiri, of French 75 Bar

“I loved the earlier app (Tiki+), and this is a gorgeous step up with a lot of added functionality. Jeff Berry's tireless research into the real, historic recipes, right in your pocket!” —Humuhumu from Critiki

“Simply the best. Most comprehensive. Lots of great info. I'm downloading the new one while I'm writing this. Doudoroff has been putting out the best tiki apps, since apps were apps. Believe it. Best buy.” —MezcalLvr

“Love this app. Makes finding what I can make from my liquor cabinet easy. Only thing missing is a way to create a shopping list of needed supplies. This app is a must buy for any tiki enthusiast.” —VonTiki25

“The design and functionality of Doudoroff's MyBar app plus the tiki expertise of the Beachbum is a match made by the tiki gods themselves. A must-have for novices or masters of the tropical libationary arts. (the support from the developer is also top-notch.)” —mfiddy

“It’s got a great collection of recipes. It’s very visually appealing. The ingredient inventory and ability to see what drinks you can make with what you have on hand is excellent. It’s worth the price.” —CSpProf

“The app is so great it has even saved my marrage! When the going gets tough I can scroll through the worlds greatest compilation of exotic libations and find the perfect breath of sanity to put life into propper perspective. Everything about the app is easy to use and well laid out. Their tech support is incredible; I emailed a question on a Sunday afternoon and received a resonse back with in twenty minutes! Truly a perfect colaboration of Tiki and Tech masters. Berry and Doudoroff are wizards! Can't wait for updates. Way cheaper then therapy too!” —Pro Bartender

“Really stellar! Covers everything and has excellent ingredient search. Must have if you are a tiki enthusiast!” —werby

“I love this app! I first heard about this app on a podcast called Drunk on Disney with Dana Snyder (aka Master Shake), Guy Hutchinson, and Bart Scott (author of Ears of Steel)! This app lets me know exactly what I drinks I can make on hand and if I need a few things, I text my friends and have them pick it up for me. There are not a lot of Tiki bars here in the chilly Minnesota, but with this app, I can make believe that I am in a tiki bar! Love it and I can't wait to share this app with more people I know!” —Scott_WhiteAhh

“While their other cocktail app is a must have-this app is as well for diehard tiki fanatics. The bonus history, pictures and the timeline of how the cocktail went thru iterations and interpretations is fantastic.” —floozyspeak