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Included Recipes

(as of March 24, 2019)

Admiral Russell’s Punch
Afton Club Punch
American Orange Punch
American Whiskey Punch
Ballistic Punch
William Talboy’s Barbadian Gin Punch
Billy Dawson’s Punch
Blackwood’s Hot Whiskey Punch
Bloody Murder Punch
Blow My Skull
Bombay Government Punch
Bombay Presidency Punch
Boston Club Punch
Canadian Punch
Captain Radcliffe’s Punch [scaled down]
Champagne Julep
Champagne Punch
Charles Dickens’s Punch
Chatham Artillery Punch—Original
Claret Cup
Cold Scotch or Irish Whiskey Punch
Cozzens’s Arrack Punch
Daniel Webster’s Punch
Dr. Salmon’s Punch
Frank Forester’s Punch
Gallow Green Punch
Garrick Club Punch
Glasgow Punch
Grub Street Punch Royal
Holland Gin Punch (cold)
Holland Gin Punch (hot)
Hub Punch
James Ashley’s Punch
Light Guard Punch
Limmer’s Gin Punch
Lord of the Isles Punch
Major Bird’s Brandy Punch
Manhattan Island Punch
Mary Rockett’s Milk Punch
Meriton Latroon’s Bantam Punch
Oxford Punch
O’Doherty’s Arrack Punch
Philadelphia Fish-House Punch
Pisco Punch
Plymouth Pilgrims’ Punch
The Prince of Wales’ Punch
Prizefighter Punch
Punch à la Romaine
Quick & Dirty Punch
Quoit Club Punch
Regent’s Punch
Rocky Mountain Punch
Rooftop Punch
Royal Hibernian Punch
Ruby Punch
Sassenach Punch
Sleep Bowmore Punch
Spread Eagle Punch
Tea Punch for Six
Tea Punch Turenne
United Service Punch
USS Richmond Punch
Yale College Punch