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Database Updates:
February 16: Ted Saucier’s Bottom’s Up: New and Revised Edition (1962); 59 recipes + errata
January 17: Lucius Beebe’s Stork Club Bar Book (1946) + assorted additions; 23 recipes
(various minor additions and corrections)
October 17: Frank Newman’s American Bar (1904) and Louis Muckensturm’s Louis’ Mixed Drinks (1906); 34 recipes + errata
June 21: Ted Saucier’s Bottom’s Up (1951); 140 recipes + errata
March 20: Trader Vic’s Book of Food & Drink (1946) and Charles H. Baker’s South American Gentleman’s Companion (1951); 154 recipes
January 30: Crosby Gaige’s Cocktail Guide & Ladies’ Companion (1941) plus lots of odds and ends; 73 recipes + errata
October 28: Marco’s How and When (1938) 99 recipes + errata
October 15: W. J. Tarling’s Café Royal Cocktail Book - Coronation Edition (1937) 143 recipes + errata
September 20: Charles H. Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion (1939) 78 recipes + errata
September 4: Frank Meier’s The Artistry of Mixing Drinks (1936) 48 recipes + errata
August 22: The UKBG’s Approved Cocktails (1937) — 111 recipes + errata
July 30: Stanley Clisby Arthur’s Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’em (1937) — 23 recipes + errata
April 12: Patrick Gavin Duffy’s Official Mixer’s Manual (1934) and R. de Fleury’s 1700 Cocktails for the Man Behind the Bar (1934) — 157 recipes + errata
Febrary 23: Charles Mahoney’s Hoffman House Bartender’s Guide (1912), Julien J. Proskauer’s What’ll You Have? (1933) — 57 recipes + errata
January 14: Old Waldorf Bar Days (1931), Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen (1929), Cocktails by “Jimmy” Late of Ciro’s (1930), and G. H. Steele’s My New Cocktail Book (1934) — 107 recipes + errata
November 3: The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930), Drinks—Long & Short (1925) - 137 recipes + errata
September 23: Cocktails de Paris (1929), Sloppy Joe’s (1932) & Bar La Florida Cocktails (1933-1935) - 102 recipes + errata
September 10: Libro de Cocktail (1929) & Here’s How Revised Edition (1927) — 22 recipes + errata
August 28: Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails (1922) & Here’s How (1927) — 191 recipes + errata
August 14: Manual del Caninero (1924) — 10 recipes + errata

Martin’s Index of Cocktails and Mixed Drinks is a practical reference to the drink recipes of the first “golden age” of the American Bar (1850s until Prohibition) plus the mid-Century decades as a global phenomenon.

  • Over 1900 2400 fully-curated drink recipes including classics and curiosities (full list of included recipes by name)
  • Pretty much all the formulas of interest from Jerry Thomas, Leo Engel, George Winter, O. H. Byron, Theodore Proulx, Harry Johnson, “Cocktail Bill” Boothby,William Schmidt, George J. Kappeler, Louis Fouquet, Tim Daly, Stuart Thomas, Charles S. Mahoney, John Applegreen, Jack A. Grohusko, Jacques Straub, Hugo R. Ensslin, Tom Bullock, Robert Vermeire, Harry McElhone, Harry Craddock, Charles Baker, Ted Saucier and others! With full citations!
  • The ideal companion to David Wondrich’s seminal book Imbibe! and to the amazing vintage cocktail book reproductions from Cocktail Kingdom!
  • More drinks from the post-Prohibition years will be added over coming months through free, over-the-wire updates (see updates list, above)
  • The spiritual sequel to the old “Cocktails+” app from years back
  • Check off the ingredients you’ve got and this app will show you which drinks you can make!
  • Filter the recipes on multiple criteria with just a few taps
  • Track favorite and flagged recipes
  • Ingredient definitions included
  • Works the same as our five-star app, Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki
  • Universal app, works nearly identically on both platforms

“What a brilliant app. Smooth design, outstanding content (well over 900 recipes now and counting), and most importantly, amazing functionality. You can search by drink type, origin, ingredients, you name it. A complete bargain at $10.” —Doug Dannger

“Beautifully put together, essential for anyone with an enthusiasm for classic cocktails. I especially appreciate the timeline/evolution element- seeing how the 1917 version differs from the 1897 recipe is fascinating.” —purephase

“Best cocktail app out there.” —VogonPoet

“Though I’m reviewing this as it is fairly new and only contains drinks from pre-Prohibition sources, this app is well worth its price. That it will continue to expand with new recipes, sources, ingredients, and historical notes makes it a bargain. Detailed, accurate recipes with proper source attribution. Multiple ways to explore drinks not only related by specific indexed information (e.g., source or ingredients) but related through curatorial observation (e.g., the Merry Widow Cocktail from 1909 is basically the same as the Diplomate Cocktail from 1922) or the Marguerite’s role as a proto-Martini. Excellent home inventory management tied clearly to “drinks you can make” with your current ingredients, or the addition of 1 or 2 more. Lists of relevant brands for ingredients, quite useful in mapping a modern ingredient to its differently named ancestor (e.g., “pimento dram” available as St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram). Links from ingredients back to all the recipes which use them; so handy for those moment like “Well, I bought this creme de violette for the Aviation, now what else can we make with it?” That’s not a complete list of features by any stretch, but ones which have especially delighted me so far. I will also note that the creator of the app is very responsive to issue reports and feedback. Updates are one easy click when launching the app and load fast; I’ve seen two updates come in at least and the app hasn’t been out two weeks yet. In short, this is a magical font of drink knowledge which will keep flowing for your happiness!” –MetaGrrrl

“Great app! Please make more like this.” —Harold Pinkler

“Well worth the cost. I've been stubbornly holding on to my copy of Cocktails+, may be able to let it go now. Immediately upon download, there were updates, which is promising. UI is solid, works well on my aging iPhone 4S. If you blanch at the price tag, consider that to collect reference on all this number of recipes even as eBooks would cost an order of magnitude more.” —0x6772

“This what the future is supposed to be like” —BallardBoy

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